Our President


Kip Cartwright

  • Founded FinfoNet in 1998

  • 20+ years of IT experience that ranges from implementing:

    • Small home office networks

    • Multi-million dollar financial and accounting systems

    • Everything in between

  • Earned CPA license in 1992

  • 7 years at The Sabre Group in IT Project Manager Role

  • IT and financial audit experience with Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young

Implementation Services

Software implementations notoriously fail to be completed on time, within budget and meet the return on investment objectives originally used to justify the project.  Performing this process in-house is difficult at best.  Your best employees need to be the ones who implement a new system but they are usually your busiest workers.  Your left with one of two choices.  Risk the software not getting implemented on time using the right people or risk the software not getting implemented properly using employees you can spare.  Neither option is good.

We have helped many clients implement software solutions.  We have a proven method that works.  We will take the information gathered in the software selection to configure a working prototype.  We will take that prototype and demonstrate transactions to your key employees.  We tweak the configuration along the way and get approval from your employees.  Then we build the prototype out to a full scale system with all your business data.  We test the full scale system and get approval from your employees.  We will train your employees on the new software and then we will implement the software on the scheduled go-live date.  We will work through any implementation issues and then hand off a solid production system to your employees to maintain.