Our President


Kip Cartwright

  • Founded FinfoNet in 1998

  • 20+ years of IT experience that ranges from implementing:

    • Small home office networks

    • Multi-million dollar financial and accounting systems

    • Everything in between

  • Earned CPA license in 1992

  • 7 years at The Sabre Group in IT Project Manager Role

  • IT and financial audit experience with Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young

Software Selection

Selecting software for an organization is a very important task.  It can mean the difference in retaining customers, making employees efficient and gathering and reporting business critical data and information.  We feel it is so important that we offer it as a service to our clients.  Most vendors are more than happy to come and show you a demo.  But that approach isn’t objective.  You only get to see what they want you to see.  We have a proven method for analyzing your business processes, identifying candidates, narrowing the review to a manageable size, objectively reviewing the products and making a recommendation.  It requires an investment; but the return is the polar opposite of selecting the wrong software.  Let us help you make an informed decision.