Our President


Kip Cartwright

  • Founded FinfoNet in 1998

  • 20+ years of IT experience that ranges from implementing:

    • Small home office networks

    • Multi-million dollar financial and accounting systems

    • Everything in between

  • Earned CPA license in 1992

  • 7 years at The Sabre Group in IT Project Manager Role

  • IT and financial audit experience with Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young

Network Solutions & Support

  • Dedicated network solutions & support services for the small and medium size organization
  • Our clients use us because they want to – no service contract required
  • We keep your system up so your business is always running
  • Always professional & courteous service
  • No geek speak – just plain English
  • We offer a lower overall cost because:
    • No monthly cost just to be our customer 
    • No monthly contract hour minimums
    • Zero hardware & software margins - our cost on everything
    • No trip charges
    • No service call minimums

When PC or network issues arise we are immediately available for both on-site and remote services.  Remote services cut out the travel time and allow us to get you back up and running quickly.  For other issues, that may be more time consuming, we come on site to resolve the issue.

We can review your organizations existing network infrastructure including your servers, PCs, switches, internet routers and printers.  After we evaluate each client's unique setup and determine what items need to be reviewed, we work with the client to develop a schedule of how often each item needs to be analyzed.  We do our best to balance holding your cost down but also keeping your productivity up.  For many clients that results in a quarterly review and update while others' needs may merit a higher frequency.  Most importantly we want to identify issues before they cause you down-time.

As your business needs change and products reach their end of life, we assist in determining the needed changes and the best approach.  When hardware or software is required we identify the best source for obtaining the products and then allow you to pay the vendors directly.  In order to be objective in our recommendations we do not profit from the selection of one vendor over another.  We don’t accept commissions or any other incentives from the vendors.  This approach benefits the client by receiving the product that is the best fit for their organization and by combining the buying power of our entire client base to obtain reseller pricing.