Our President


Kip Cartwright

  • Founded FinfoNet in 1998

  • 20+ years of IT experience that ranges from implementing:

    • Small home office networks

    • Multi-million dollar financial and accounting systems

    • Everything in between

  • Earned CPA license in 1992

  • 7 years at The Sabre Group in IT Project Manager Role

  • IT and financial audit experience with Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young

Fractional CIO

Your business could improve its IT decision making capabilities with the help of a Chief Information Officer (CIO).  Is your business too small to justify having a full-time CIO?  Then let FinfoNet help.  Our Fractional CIO offering gives your business the expertise needed to operate in an increasingly complex market at a price you can’t afford to miss.

Your Fractional CIO is there when you need them, whether it is working with company management to help drive IT initiatives or working with the Board of Directors to advise on strategic decisions.  They can also serve as a supplement to your existing expertise.  Most importantly they can provide an objective extra set of eyes to review your organization.
Your fractional CIO can help in a variety of ways

  • Strategy development
  • Business process improvement and automation
  • Procurement of hardware, software and services
  • Management of IT projects
  • Management of IT vendors, contracts & budgets
  • Management of IT staff